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Testimonials from our Tile Clients

-Aviruth Wongbuddhapitak, former President of TileCera

It has been a distinct pleasure to work with you and your colleagues over these past few months. Your support of the TileCera project, particularly during its early stages of development, has made a substantial contribution to the success we have experienced thus far. You have my sincere appreciation for your very capable, friendly, and conscientious assistance in supplying the contracting services so critical to our operation.

Arturo Salazar, President Colorobbia USA

“In the development of our project, we pleasantly realized that T.W. Frierson is a company that is distinguished by its professionalism both in the development of the project as well as in its implementation, in addition to the simplicity an the human relationship by the executives that were responsible for the different stages of the project.


For Colorobbia, being a foreign company, it has been a very pleasant experience and it has helped us to have a better understanding of the policies and procedures in construction in the USA.”

Jed Durbin, Portobello America 

“It has been a pleasure working with TWF over the years. All those I have been in contact with and worked with from day to day have been knowledgeable and focused with their respective activities. From pre-construction to completion I am able to depend on TWF to carry out the project professionally and expeditiously.”

Michael Kephart, Former President of American Wonder Porcelain

“From the outset, we recognized T.W. Frierson, among the quality bidding builders available at the time, as our best “fit” for a challenging commercial project.  Our multi-cultural ownership and US management team needed the comprehensive and self-performing experience, assurance and attitude provided by the T.W. Frierson team… Our project, a 750k square foot landmark investment in Wilson County TN, required a high level of cooperation, quality and efficacy from the design, planning and construction phases to deliver such a building in 18 months. I would be remiss if I did not also speak to the excellent Safety standards from which our project was managed. Safety, as a core pillar of our company, was a critical selling point in their presentation.”

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